200 & 200GT Cold Applied Pipe Tape



  • High Density
  • High Strength
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Cold Application
  • Wide Temperature Ranges
  • High Conformability
  • Excellent Chemical Stability
  • Exceptional Mechanical Strength
  • High Dialetric Strength
  • Little Cold Flow
  • Low Moisture Absorption Rate
  • Rapid Overlap Bond


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Protecto wrap's 200 & 200GT pipe tapes are cold applied pipe wraps that can be used on all types and sizes of pipe applications for protection against moisture and corrosion and can be hand applied using either a spiral or cigarette wrap technique.

Protecto Wrap 200 & 200GT tapes are manufactured from a formulation of premium grade aromatic bituminous resins modified with synthetic resins.

A special high strength film is bonded to the outer surface of the tapes which provides exceptional mechanical strength, easy handling, abrasion resistance to rough soli or aggregate particles.

A backing seperator sheet removes easily, keeps the bonding surface fresh and is removed during application for easier handling.

Protecto Wrap's 200GT pipe tape is reinforced with an inert reinforcing material for extra mechanical strength and applications where extra protection against abrasion is required.

Protecto Wrap 200 & 200GT pipe wraps can be applied over a wide temperature range from 30°F to 160°F making these products ideal for almost any type of pipe wrap under most temperature and climatic conditions.

PRINCIPAL USES: Steel vessels, pipes, pumps, valves, blowers, and structural weldments in many water, chemical, petroleum and marine environments.

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet


1. Clean the pipe surface to be wrapped of all dirt, rust and foregin elements by the normal wire brush method.

2. Remove about 2" of kraft paper from each end of the mill or yard coating.

3. Apply Protecto Wrap 1170 primer to the cleaned surface with a paint brush and about 2" back on each end of the factory coating.

4. Remove the backing seperator from the tape for about 6" ; when the primer becomes tack free, begin the spiral wrap with the film covered side of the tape up.

5. Remove and discard the backing seperator from the tape as you wrap.

6. Use only enough pull on the tape to conform it properly to irregular surfaces of the pipe or fitting.

7. When the end of the wrap is reached, release all pull on the tape, cut the tape and if desired prime the end with Protecto Wrap 1170 primer. Smooth the end into place over the previous lap.

8. Lightly press overlap seems to insure a firm contact and bond.

9. When using a cigarette wrap for Protecto Wrap 200 & 200GT tape, follow all instructions above and brush the tack side of the tape lightly with Protecto Wrap 1170 primer where it forms a seam, smoothing it down with your hand.

10. When wrapping pipe to be jacked or pushed under crossings, always start and end joint with tape at a 90° angle to the pipe and use a minimum of primer at the overlap seam.




Thickness 35 mils
Tack Excellent
Bond To Primed Steel Excellent
Adhesion to backing Excellent



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